Twenty One Pilots Tour 2015

If you are looking for tickets to the Twenty One Pilots tour 2015 you have come to the right place. We have each and every date on the schedule listed, and if they announce any more shows we will be sure to be the first ones to update our website with the newest dates. Take a look below and see if there are any schedule dates around your area.

Rising Stars

It’s possible that you haven’t even heard of this band just as recently as a few months ago. Now you will see them everywhere. They are topping the charts with their brand-new album “Blurryface”, and are using one of the leading acts at this year’s lollapalooza. They turned from a band that no one had heard of, to tearing up the world wide pop scene in a flash. You probably didn’t even have a chance to see them play in small venues like clubs before they started hitting arenas.

The members of the band feel the same way. In fact if you see it from their perspective, it feels like their rise to stardom happened even faster than the public thinks it did. They often reminisce about the times when they had to log all their equipment around just to play a show for a handful of people. Remembering their roots helps them stay grounded in the face of their ever-growing popularity. Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun got together to form Twenty One Pilots not that long ago. You don’t have to go too far back find Josh working at a guitar Center. Thanks to a mutual friend they connected a while back.

Starting Out With Friendship

Initially they were friends only, and they didn’t play any music together. Starting out as friends for an extended period of time for you form a band is very important. They both agree on this. This way they are friends first before they are bandmates. It makes it easy to discuss anything from the standpoint of friendship. All too often it then turns into a simple business venture in the members lose sight of what it was that caused them to start playing music together in the first place. But that isn’t going to happen on the Twenty One Pilots tour 2015.

To to their strong friendship they are able to express anything they want in their lyrics and neither of them are going to judge each other. They have found that music is an excellent way to express yourself on topics that are too awkward to discuss normal conversations. And thanks to their strong bond, they don’t have any qualms about touching upon any subject matter.

Their brand-new album which is a smash hit on the charts, “Blurryface” is the first time that they have created music in a proper recording studio. They went into this studio situation for the first time filled with confidence. This is because they both agreed ahead of time which songs they both enjoyed. And if both of them think a song is good, it’s almost impossible to convince them otherwise. They aren’t totally headstrong though, they do listen to their producer on certain songs. A talented producer can make a big difference with which way to take a track. This is an excellent chance to see a rising pop act when they are at their most passionate. Check out the Twenty One Pilots tour 2015 while there are still tickets left!